About me

Welcome to Style, Fashion & Life! My name is Melanie and I’ve been an avid shopper and fashion magazine reader since I can remember.  In the 80’s and early 90’s, I’d patiently scope out the piles of clothes in my sisters’ closets to create the most eclectic tie-dye outfits, with random belts, tights, scarves….you name it. 

I hated to look boring, and used whatever channels I had access to.  My creations as a kid gave me a little name for myself, and I would get taken on shopping trips to give my opinion at a really young age.   

My searching through closets of my family members’ later leveraged into an incredible love for vintage shopping.   The thrill of finding a tucked away treasure has only heightened.    

When I was living in New York City, I would look forward to the hours I would spend at Sunday flea markets.  Now that I am in Los Angeles, I am grateful to be close to the renowned Rose Bowl Flea Market, and have a plethora of vintage shops at my fingertips. 

I’ve traveled throughout Europe and South America, where I keep one eye open at all times to cool boutiques and random make-shift stores on the street. 

Style, Fashion and Life gives me an outlet to share my favorite finds and new ideas, and is a friend to the fashionista, a curious reader wondering how to keep up with the pace of this fabulous industry, or to someone falling asleep at work. 

Thanks for coming by and I hope you like it! xoxo, Mel