Summer 2011 Style Guide: Must-Have Vintage-Inspired Beach Accessories

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspirations from our fashion's past shook the Spring 2011 runway shows. Loose-fitting drapery defines this season's sexy, while skin-tight silhouettes dwindle into a faint memory. Black and gray have taken a seasonal detour, as color, prints, and floral embellishments skyrocket to the top of 2011's must-have list.

The 60's and 70's comeback is now painting the tone of summertime apparel. From hats to sandals and everything in between, beach accessories continue this year's ode to the freedom of expression. The window of opportunity to liberate fashion boundaries and launch your self-discovered style is wide open, so leap through. Shoppers can now enjoy the long-awaited encore presentation from the most influential decades of fashion.

Coverup with unwavering style

Unearth your effortless flair for fashion by diving into airy, light-weight tunics bursting with vibrant color and tie-dye prints. To awaken sleeping sunbathers, slip on the eye-catching Vix France Vintage Tunic. Hit up the beach, and then head to happy hour in this easy-to-rock, versatile coverup.

Other styles to check out?

Photos from Molly Brown's Swimwear:

Circular sunglasses take shape

The 60's revolution is celebrated this summer with the homecoming of circular sunglasses. Oliver Peoples modernized this past trend with the stunning silhouette, Lipsofire. As an alternative for budget-savvy shoppers, Topshop designed a seamless look for less, Caramel 70's Round Sunglasses.

Oliver Peoples


Other silhouettes to sport this summer?

Photos from Bloomingdale's

Hats off to extensive elegance

Summer 2011 will re-visit a time of sheer sophistication, so reveal your vintage flair with a version of the wide brim hat. The free-flowing bohemian elegance of a wide brim hat makes this beach season extra special. Molly Brown's Odabash Jemima Hat exudes grace and chic perfection.

Photo from Molly Brown's Swimwear:

Simplistic chic on your feet

Flat is the new black, so forgo sky high height, and unleash your down-to-earth bohemian side this summer. Give your feet a rest while you soak up the sun in fashion forward flats like this metallic leather Joie "Free Fallin" Flat Sandal in light gold. 

Color yourself in coral

Master your Summer 2011 beach look with the bright hue of coral. To maximize your tan, arm yourself with the Nylon Tory Tote by Tory Burch in Poppy Coral. Then to further dramatize your golden glow, try Essie Nail Polish in California Coral. The retro-chic shade will be an unforgettable contrast to your skin.,default,sc.html

Pulling it all together

Sexy is strong when combining simple with a statement, so accessorize tastefully. Evade being a spectacle, but take risks with color and prints, and confidently cross the threshold to fashion freedom.

Summer 2011 is just around the corner, so make a vivacious entrance.

Modern Day Dating - A Heartwarming Effort to Last Minute Cancelling

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today I’m taking a momentary detour from my usual suggestive fashion posts to analyze a trend in men.  I am awfully confused about the dating dilemmas faced by my friends recently.

Why is there such an incredible effort in texts, e-mails, bbms and possibly a phone call (haha, no not really a phone call - a Facebook message would happen sooner) to cancel date after date?

All of this energy is going into ‘avoidance’ techniques, and it just seems so odd.

As Miranda Hobbes so wonderfully discovered on Sex and the City (my immediate go-to reference for life issues), the concept of “he’s just not that into you,” has already penetrated the souls of women everywhere. That’s old news; the message was delivered years ago. 

Then why all the hype to cover up the fact that you don’t really want to go on a date? 

If you're married, then you're just plain screwed for any good karma, and girls in your address book are just unlucky.  If you're truly that busy, then stop making plans.  If you have another girl who you'd rather hang with, then stop trying to balance multiple women; you're obviously bad at it.

The most recent last minute date cancellation happened to a close friend yesterday.  This was already a second chance, as he had already cashed in on his first one last weekend.  

With an extremely dramatic, apologetic text accompanied by sad faces (the modern way to express emotion), he cancelled last weekend with an immediate invitation for dinner this weekend. He concluded his text with “I can’t wait!”

So, last night rolled around and two hours before the date (she had just gotten out of the shower and we obviously had her outfit planned for hours), he cancelled again due to a work obligation (on a Sunday night....?).


The surprising extra effort (or the future jab in the stomach) occurred when he practically begged her to grab drinks after this so-called 'meeting.'  

He then continued to state how badly he wants to take her to dinner tomorrow night (this now being tonight). 

Well, after no call last night (“I didn’t want to wake you”), what did she end up with tonight? 

Another cancellation text.

Cue "Sad Face."

Exact verbatim:

“I just finished a meeting and actually have to take the train to DC tonight.  Sorry I won’t make it for dinner…crazy day!!! =(  Will be in touch xoxoxo”

Okay, so as a positive cheerleader for my friends, I try to delay the sharing of any hateful feelings towards their new prospects until the third date.  However, this is an exception and deserved a blog post.

Feel free to comment!


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Spring Trends Around $50: Style Experts Roll Out VT Luxe with QVC

Thursday, April 7, 2011

For fashionistas who have been feeling like recessionistas lately, a new line launched this week that will have your savvy self smiling.  

If you’ve been looking for a new accessory or a statement piece to glam up your wardrobe, QVC has shimmering solutions at unbelievable price points. 

QVC teamed up with styling masterminds, Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo to catapult these gorgeous pieces all over the fashion world.  This fashion-forward duo has been sharing their expertise with celebrities and high-end boutiques, and is now extending their creative eye and savoir faire to the style-hungry public salivating for fresh and affordable fashion.

With three published books under their belts, their vision comes to life with the emergence of VT Luxe; a mesmerizing collection of functional, luxurious pieces designed with perfection by the influential figures themselves.    

Sparkle your way into spring in this glittery slice of heaven.  This wrap-style vest can be easily dressed up or down (try with skinny jeans and wide leg jeans for a totally different look), and your sequins desires will be taken care of for a fraction of the typical designer price.


Go from brunch to afternoon drinks to dinner in this Four-in-One Glam Wrap.  The elegance and simplicity of this light-weight beauty will make it the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.  Wear multiple ways for a different look throughout the day and into the evening.


Stay warm, dry and chic in this fabulous military-style troncho.  The water-repellent fabric makes this a must-have item when traveling, and the silhouette keeps your sophisticated style day or night, rain or shine.


 In need of some bohemian bling? Check out this stunning amber and peach jewelry collection.




You really can't go wrong with any of these selections so fabulously built by Jesse and Joe.  They are perfect for the uncertainty lingering in the economic air, while providing elements of style and quality that can normally only be found in designer boutiques. 

Want to continue your search for the best fashion pieces this spring? Check out my work on the Examiner for ideas on the latest trends and photos of what to wear this season.