Modern Day Dating - A Heartwarming Effort to Last Minute Cancelling

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today I’m taking a momentary detour from my usual suggestive fashion posts to analyze a trend in men.  I am awfully confused about the dating dilemmas faced by my friends recently.

Why is there such an incredible effort in texts, e-mails, bbms and possibly a phone call (haha, no not really a phone call - a Facebook message would happen sooner) to cancel date after date?

All of this energy is going into ‘avoidance’ techniques, and it just seems so odd.

As Miranda Hobbes so wonderfully discovered on Sex and the City (my immediate go-to reference for life issues), the concept of “he’s just not that into you,” has already penetrated the souls of women everywhere. That’s old news; the message was delivered years ago. 

Then why all the hype to cover up the fact that you don’t really want to go on a date? 

If you're married, then you're just plain screwed for any good karma, and girls in your address book are just unlucky.  If you're truly that busy, then stop making plans.  If you have another girl who you'd rather hang with, then stop trying to balance multiple women; you're obviously bad at it.

The most recent last minute date cancellation happened to a close friend yesterday.  This was already a second chance, as he had already cashed in on his first one last weekend.  

With an extremely dramatic, apologetic text accompanied by sad faces (the modern way to express emotion), he cancelled last weekend with an immediate invitation for dinner this weekend. He concluded his text with “I can’t wait!”

So, last night rolled around and two hours before the date (she had just gotten out of the shower and we obviously had her outfit planned for hours), he cancelled again due to a work obligation (on a Sunday night....?).


The surprising extra effort (or the future jab in the stomach) occurred when he practically begged her to grab drinks after this so-called 'meeting.'  

He then continued to state how badly he wants to take her to dinner tomorrow night (this now being tonight). 

Well, after no call last night (“I didn’t want to wake you”), what did she end up with tonight? 

Another cancellation text.

Cue "Sad Face."

Exact verbatim:

“I just finished a meeting and actually have to take the train to DC tonight.  Sorry I won’t make it for dinner…crazy day!!! =(  Will be in touch xoxoxo”

Okay, so as a positive cheerleader for my friends, I try to delay the sharing of any hateful feelings towards their new prospects until the third date.  However, this is an exception and deserved a blog post.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is stringing her along and keeping her butt on the back burner. I say kick his butt to the curb...and if he's worth it and comes back to apologize...let him sizzle and burn for a while before you give in. P.S. Deep down, we all know she can do better.

Mel K said...

Yes, I totally agree!

BatManda said...

He's just not that into her. She can do better anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. :) Thanks for this funny post! :) love it...

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