Today is a Big Day?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am not a fan of football.   

I love beer, can sit through a game and follow it, but to call me a “fan” would just be wrong.  I’m not a real sports person in general. 

At my first Dodger game, my boyfriend wanted to make sure I was taken care of with alcohol and food.  It was very sweet, but I responded with, “I’m fine.  I love football….I mean, baseball.”  At that point in our relationship, he knew he should probably not waste his efforts in trying to create a sports fan out of me.

As most of the waking world knows, this season has been incredible for the JETS.  It has been an exciting ride (so I hear) and I am always tuned in during the second half of the 4th quarter.  I make sure to be very supportive and constantly reiterate how much I love Rex Ryan.

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This morning, while eating breakfast with my lifelong JETS fan boyfriend, I said with a confident smile on my face, “So wow, today is a big day!” Proud of my sports-related remark of support, I took a nice, big bite of my bagel.  While I was happily chewing, I looked up to see a very disappointed face.  

“A big day?.....This is much more than a big day! This is better than Christmas.  The JETS haven’t won this game since 1969!”

So oops.  Now I know that I need to work on providing a much more enthusiastic, creative phrase when there is a MASSIVE, COLOSSAL game on.  



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I do love Fireman Ed too.


J said...

You know, Mel, Ryan is a foot fetishist. I thought THAT would be the angle for Style, Fashion and Life! :)

Mel K said...

Great point! He's such a treat...future blog post in the making...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Today is the great day! :) So cheer up!

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