Make a Statement with Prints and Color for Spring 2011 Fashion

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrate confidence in 2011.  Be unpredictable from day to day.  Ride the wave of the glamorous fashion trends out this spring.  After all, this is Southern California.  It’s not that difficult.   

With sunshine and 72 degrees splashed on our skin almost everyday, SoCal residents can swim in the opportunity to wear the most exquisite, airy fabrics without worry about the climate. 

This season, break loose from the ever-so-common “black dress” safety net.  Take an extended look in the mirror to see a smiling reflection draped in wild prints, or a loud pink or bright orange. 

The world has waited a long time for this 70’s era comeback, and the claps are well-deserved to our beloved designers.

Diane von Furstenberg delicately wraps fashionistas with a contemporary twist on her classic wrap dresses.  Tassel belts, gallant prints, and a vibrant story of colors are what she holds in store for Spring 2011. 

(both photos: Saks Fifth Avenue)

Marc Jacobs hones in on his feminine look as always, and perfects it this season even more with his dynamic use of color.  His ode to the 1970’s disco nights at his beyond spectacular Spring 2011 runway show, flawlessly captures the essence of what this season is all about.

(photo: Saks Fifth Avenue)

In Jason Wu’s Spring 2011 runway show, audiences got lost in his 70’s-inspired artistic masterpiece of femininity.  From loose chiffon blouses, to vivid floral prints, and stripes complete with high-waist pants, it is easy to fall in love with that fabulous decade over and over again this season.

Spring 2011 collections allow us tremendous freedom, and a way to express our individuality, personality and desires.  Embrace this luxury and step out of your comfort zone this season.

 (photo: Saks Fifth Avenue)

Confidence is by far the foundation to any fabulous outfit; it’s not just an accessory.  Know it, own it, and wear it proudly. Spring 2011 is your opportunity.

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Nice prints and colors dresses! :) Perfect for my fashion statement..

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