Getting a Spa Treatment in Los Angeles?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Visiting a spa in LA is definitely an experience you will never forget.  Not only do you feel the warm, Zen-like feeling when you enter each sanctuary, but the weather and palm trees really do help give you the full, 360 degree experience.

You will find that most of the products are organic; Angelenos are huge on everything being ‘natural’ (which is very ironic actually).

Since this is a popular gift and a New Yorker recently asked me about this, I decided to blog about it.  So for any visitors, residents, or friends looking to wrap themselves in relaxation or give an awesome present for the holidays, here are my personal recommendations.

My first spa visited: Spa 415 in Beverly Hills

A friend suggested this spa to me in December 2006, two months after I arrived in LA.  When I walked in for the first time, I was courted by the lovely owner, Liza.  She is warm, personable, down to earth, and unbelievably knowledgeable about the spa world. 

We actually got along so great, that each time I came in we would not only discuss new products, but she gave me wonderful advice on life.  I felt like Elle from Legally Blonde, who befriended her nail salon lady when she moved to Boston from LA. 

So from the start, clearly I was sold.

However, I kept going back because of the undeniably perfect service.  Each eyebrow wax was the best I’ve ever gotten, the massage made me relax for the entire month following, and the facial did wonders to my skin. 

Their services expand beyond the typical day spa too; they offer nutrition and health,  weightloss and more.

I absolutely recommend this spa to anyone who wants to clear your mind and take a mini vacation each time you walk through the door.

Second spa visited: Lulur Day Spa on Robertson

I tried Lulur this past spring when my very good friend gave me a gift certificate.

At first, I honestly could not find the location of Lulur.  I was walking up and down Robertson, confused and feeling so stupid, when I finally called the spa for directions. 

As it turns out, this spa is not directly on Robertson; it is tucked away in the most precious nook, in a tranquil and floral abyss.  I felt so far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, before I even stepped foot in the spa.

The serene setting continued as I walked through the doors of Lulur.  It is smaller and much simpler than Spa 415, but the facial was out of this world.  I was in a trance the entire time.

I pirouetted my way out, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and loving my glowing skin.

Spa Product: Kate Somerville in West Hollywood

I have yet to visit this spa, but I recently received her Intensive Exfoliating Treatment in a gift bag from an event.

It is awesome! My skin felt amazing and my complexion looked polish.  I felt like I had a facial (just minus the tranquility). 

The spa received mostly 5 stars from about 30 reviews on Yelp (my saving grace since I moved), so I will definitely be trying her services soon.

Budget-friendly spa experience: Raya Spa in West Hollywood

Raya Spa definitely promotes themselves quite well and absolutely secured a niche market of followers.  They offer an extensive amount of services for a much cheaper price when compared to most of the spas in LA.

I went twice, and have a mediocre feeling towards this spa.

I had an appointment and they still made me wait for over 45 minutes.  It is a spa factory.  There is nothing personable, warm or friendly, and I had to wait for my frustration to subside to enjoy the minimal calmness that the facial offered me.  They want you in and out. 

I definitely didn’t hate the facial, but the overall experience was lacking. If you’re not looking for the true spa experience and simply want a facial for under $70, then definitely try it.  However, if you’re like me and are looking to leave relaxed and revitalized, then you may want to look elsewhere.   

Spas that have been recommended to me that I have not had the opportunity to try:
Bliss in the Westwood W Hotel:
Le Spa at Sofitel:

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