Boots on a Budget for the Incoming Cold Front

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome the winter wardrobe….

 Holiday time is always a fun time of year (my favorite time actually).  We have yummy sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, homemade apple pie (or bought and delivered by Harry & David), the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, "Black Friday".....

Bright lights, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, classic holiday movies on television, joyful moods, gingerbread cookies, gift giving, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas!”…

But with all of this wonderful seasonal fun, the cold front also begins….

The key to looking great in the winter months is to make sure you're warm!  There is nothing worse than stepping outside at 7:30am and starting your day with wet, cold feet (literally).

There is plenty of winter fashion to explore in future posts; however, my goal this week was to find the perfect rain boot and snow boot to bring with me to Europe and back to NYC for the holidays.

After spending hours searching for a durable, high rated boot that will keep my feet toasty and dry, I decided to share my top picks for rain & snow boots under $100.  

 These can be found at Bloomie's or on 

DKNY "Niagara" Rain Boots 


  The North Face® "Nuptse IV" Boots with Fur $100.00




The following can be found in Nordstrom's or





 Chooka Signature Stripe Rain Boot

Chooka Signature Houndstooth Rain Booth 

Tory Burch Logo Rain Boot 

 And lastly, these lovely boots can be found at DSW or

Rampage Raveyn Croco Rain Boot
Clearance $29.94

 Chooka Metropolitan Rain Boot
 Dirty Laundry Roadhouse Waterproof Rain Boot


Heather Cohen said...

Yes, but which ones will you buy?!

Mel K said...

Great question! After assessing boots for HOURS, I believe I will be purchasing the "Voom" Rain boot (I love everything shiny), and the Northface Nuptse III for NYC.....

J said...

Why do girls love talking about shoes so much?

Mel K said...

They are just a part of us as sports or ladies are to men...and we happen to talk a lot.

alexandra's mommy said...

I love all these boots, but sad to say that there is no rain in AZ!

Mel K said...

There's not much in LA either, but I finally decided to take them on our next trip. We've hit a lot of rain and my poor feet were getting really annoyed with me...

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