Why Are You Not Engaged Yet (Part 2)?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

If you haven't read my post on the "future proposal" of Prince William and Kate Middleton, please click on "Why Are You Not Engaged Yet?" under the Archive section prior to reading this.

So now that Kate finally got the proposal, what are the most recent headlines saying?

"Don't Be Jealous of Kate," "Pains of Royal Life," "Kate's Royal Prison..."

Geez.... can she get a break?

I mean really.  She's made a fool while she's "waiting" for Prince William, and now that she finally got the proposal that the world has been so closely scrutinizing, the press is erupting with a different angle of disparagement.

 She can't really win.

Hopefully the press will tread a little lighter than they have in the past, but so far, that outlook doesn't look promising.

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