Why Are You Not Engaged Yet?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last night I watched a TLC special on the “future engagement” of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  It was actually an enlightening perspective for me.  I get annoyed when people ask me when Zach & I are getting engaged.  When I say “people,” that’s like maybe 5 people a month.  Maybe.

Kate Middleton is actually attacked by the British press and nicknamed, “Waity Katie.” 

Not too mention, she is “ordinary,” and they predict that she will not have a close relationship to the Queen and never live up to the expectations of the Royal family.

My goodness.  And I hate it when I am tagged in a Facebook photo that I look too pale or my hair looks bad.


kris said...

ahhhh i am certainly guilty of "unwanted tagging" of others....i wonder what is proper tag - etiquette? we want our friends to see the pics and most of the time, i think my friends look great but there's always something they point out expressing their disapproval!

one more thing, sooooo when are you and zach getting engaged ;-)

Mel K said...

Hahahah...of course you would leave the perfect comment! I do believe you posted atrocious pics of me from my birthday...but I still love you! LOL to you question...It's definitely within 10 years, so my fingers are still crossed.. :)

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