Skeptical about Horoscopes?

Friday, November 5, 2010

On the first of every month, Susan Miller (the amazing astrologer) shares her predictions with the world.  This horoscope, by the way, is not a one paragraph or one sentence description of your month ahead.  It is pages long and I must say, has proven to be very accurate over the years!

Four and a half years ago, I was in a situation to sign a lease for an apartment.  I ALMOST signed when I realized that Susan Miller told me not to sign a lease from July 12-17; it was July 16th.  When she is that specific, I am usually too superstitious to bypass her predictions.  I ended up not signing the lease and I am eternally grateful to her!

It turns out that the girl I would have lived with was NOT the roommate I should have had for my first experience living in Los Angeles. 

I ended up ‘temporarily’ staying with a very good friend, and we ended up falling in love and to this day we are still happily living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. J

And that is only one example on how she changed my life!

Need I say more? Check it out…

November’s predictions went up November 1st!  Thank you Susan Miller!

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